Past Projects by Active Mini Diggers

1) Recently a client wished to have a small swimming pool installed in his back yard, however, he was told it couldn't be done as he did not have adequate access to allow a machine to dig the hole for the pool. Situated in a lovely small-allotment subdivision in Hervey Bay, the client contacted us for assistance.

With only a standard doorway in the rear of the garage and a stone path leading to the back yard we could assure them that it was possible for the pool to be installed. In association with the pool company we assisted with pre-excavation drainage works and the subsequent excavation for the pool itself, removing all material off site via the side access and mobile conveyor system.

2) Local plumbing and electrical services regularly request our services to assist with trenching and locating pipes and other services, enabling them to concentrate on the task of repairing and installing rather than wielding shovels. Our small equipment bridges the gap between manual labour and larger machines traditionally used in such works.

3) A Hervey Bay home was experiencing water ponding in the central paved courtyard. It required extensive drainage installation via a narrow front entrance and side pathway to the courtyard. A local company employed us to assist with this project and the small excavator could negotiate through the entry walls and work inside the courtyard to remove soil and prepare for the drainage work.